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Email, solved.

The airtight way to inbox zero.


For all the stuff you want to keep, but that doesn’t belong in your inbox, and for all the stuff you never want to receive again, Throttle is here to protect your inbox and your time.

You have no control over what people put in your inbox. That’s why we built Throttle.

Throttle is a service that automatically manages unique email addresses on your behalf, giving you unparalleled control over your email.

Stop giving out your email address online. Revoke any sender’s access to your inbox. Find out who tries to sell or steal your email address. Read your notifications and newsletters in a single daily digest email, or open them up in the online and mobile reading lists. Enjoy a cleaner inbox.

Pricing & Sign up

Throttle Browser Extension

Stop giving out your email address online.

The Throttle browser extension automatically generates unique email addresses for you.

A button is added to all email form fields online. Instead of entering your real email address, just click the Throttle button, and a unique email address is generated and filled into the field for you.

Throttle includes browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and even Mobile Safari on iPhone and iPad.

Digest Email & Reading List

Received messages are in your online reading list & sent to you in one daily digest email.

Everything received for you is combined by Throttle into a single daily digest email.

Plus, you can enjoy the newsletters, notifications, and other emails you want to read anytime in your reading list or in the iPhone app.

Reducing useless notifications and improving all-day focus, these messages no longer clutter your day and your inbox.

Spamsense, an email first

Find out who tries to sell your address.

Throttle will automatically detect when a sender sells or shares your email address.

Ever got an email and wondered how the sender got your email address? Now you'll know. With Spamsense, you’ll find out who is selling or sharing your email address. And with Revoke Access, you can shut them all down with a single click.

Revoke Access

Revoke anyone’s access to your inbox.

Click revoke access to instantly shut down a sender's unique email address.

When you revoke any sender’s access, the unique address they were given to send you email is shut down. It's instantaneous — no more "unsubscribe" wars. They have no way back into your inbox, because they never had your real email address in the first place.

Even if they distributed or sold your email address, no one they gave it to or will give it to has any way into your inbox.

Why should I use Throttle?

Throttle has saved people from over 6.5 million unnecessary interruptions.

Stop giving out your email address

Stop giving out your email address online, the root of the email control problem.

Control who can send you email

Control who is allowed to send email to your inbox, based on who you gave your email address to.

Combine notifications & newsletters into a daily digest

Combine all mass mailings and notifications into one daily digest email, reducing useless notifications and improving all-day focus.

Find out who sells or shares your address

Find out who tries to sell or share your email address, and shut them down with a single click.

Sign up on websites without fear

No longer fret over signing up for something online. With Throttle, even the most abusive sender can be shut down in an instant, and their messages never hit your inbox. It's safe and easy to sign up for any newsletter, account, or make a purchase.

No more "unsubscribe"

With Revoke Access, Throttle gives you the ability to instantly shut down a sender's access to your inbox — also blocking anyone they attempt to sell your address to.

Fits into your workflow

You'll never need to remember to check a separate tool, thanks to Throttle's browser extension and digest email.

Stops the problem before it reaches your inbox.

Throttle does everything it does without ever needing access to your email. It stops the problem before it reaches your inbox.

Enjoy fewer interruptions and less clutter

All the newsletters, mass mailings, junk, and other unimportant emails you get throughout the day bury the important stuff in your inbox. Throttle gets those out of your inbox, and into a single digest.

Get less email

Fewer useless notifications, less inbox clutter, and more time for the things that you love.

Rev up your productivity.

Throttle is the best way to secure your inbox,
save your time, and get back to doing what you love.



Throttle, unthrottled. Unlimited revokes, authorizations,
categories, custom daily and weekly digests, and more.

Plus, Pro-only advanced features

USD 99 / year

Sign up



Use Throttle on your desktop and iPhone. Up to 100
authorizations, and 15 categories, plus all the basics.


USD 49 / year

Sign up

or USD 4.99 / month — sign up here .

The foundation

Every plan comes with the foundation: a service working around the clock to protect your inbox and your time. They both include the daily digest, browser extensions for all the major browsers, revoke access, and Spamsense will alert you if someone sells or steals your email address. Plus, you can use Throttle on your iPhone or iPad with the iOS app, which is always in sync with your Throttle account. It has a browser extension so you can generate addresses seamlessly on mobile.

You want me to pay for software?

We know it sounds crazy, but hear us out: we’re a few independent designers and developers in Virginia and Tennessee. If we can make a living off of our software, then that means more great software for you. If we can’t, that means an industry filled with free bloatware with shady business models that’ll get acquired and shut down just when it starts to get good. So consider it an investment in your current and future productivity.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log in to an account using a Throttle address?

Throttle's biggest fans love to use Throttle for their social media and other online accounts. That way, notifications don't bother you all day; you know they'll come to you in a single daily digest email.

The Throttle browser extension will automatically fill login form fields with your generated address so you don't need to worry about finding it to login.

Won't marketers be unhappy about this?

Throttle is actually great for legitimate senders as well. Here are some benefits they enjoy with their subscribers that use Throttle:

  • Automatic Whitelisting — When a subscriber authorizes your newsletter with Throttle, you are automatically whitelisted, so there's no need to request that a user do it manually.
  • 100% Deliverability — The holy grail of sending mass mailings: you get 100% deliverability with Throttle users.
  • No Spam Reports — A user's first and only step to stop unwanted email is to revoke access, so you don't have to worry about spam reports with Throttle subscribers.
  • Higher Conversion Rates — During our testing, something we didn't predict but that we found out very quickly: Throttle users are much more likely to subscribe to your newsletter, because they don't have to worry about vetting your privacy policy first.
  • Optimized Delivery Time — The best you can do is average out the best time to send your mass mailings to all of your users, even if that isn't a great time for most of them. Throttle users pick the most convenient time to receive your content.
  • Full HTML5 + CSS3 Support — Your email is displayed in the user's supported browser, with nothing stripped out. You can take advantage of all the full HTML5 & CSS3 that you want.

Can I use my own domain for my generated addresses?

Yes. Pro users can use their own domain for generated Throttle addresses. Once set up, it works automatically.

What information does Throttle have access to?
How does Throttle respect my privacy?

Throttle doesn't need access to your email account to do what it does — it stops the problem before it reaches your inbox. This means you don't have to sacrifice your privacy in order to use Throttle. The only data Throttle has access to are the messages you have sent to it. We never sell your data to anyone for any reason.

Will Throttle work with my iCloud, Gmail, etc. account?

Yes! Throttle doesn't even need access to your email account, because it stops the problem before it even reaches your inbox. This means it's compatible with any email account, and you don't have to compromise your privacy to use Throttle.

Can I "Throttle" more than just newsletters?

Absolutely. Throttle's biggest fans love to use Throttle for their social media and other online accounts. This way, notifications don't bother you all day; you know they'll come to you in a single daily digest email.

Has Throttle caught any scammers?

You bet! Just during our beta, some of our users experienced the very first cases:

  • When their email address was sold to thousands of spammers (resulted in over 6,000 emails)
  • When the sender had a data leak, and spammers stole the addresses (resulted in hundreds of emails)
  • When the sender had a software glitch that resulted in over 500 emails

Read more about the first case, here.

What if I want to migrate my subscriptions away from Throttle at some point?

That's why we offer the custom domain Pro feature. The custom domain page will walk you through setting up a subdomain on one of your own domains to use for your Throttle address. Then all of your addresses will look like this: "". If you ever want to migrate away, you can just set up a catchall at the domain and forward it along to whichever address you want to continue getting these messages.

You can now do everything you want online, without compromising your inbox or your time.

Pricing & Sign up