Level up your Reading List

Put related subscriptions into categories. The setup is up to you - keep your social notifications in one category, your “must reads” in another, a shopping & coupons category, or anything else you can dream up.


What you want, when you want it

Curate your own weekly or daily digests to arrive in your inbox. Every Category can have its own custom digest, or be combined into one daily digest.

You could have your news category delivered every morning, so you always have something to talk about. Or, you could have your local events category delivered in a digest on Fridays, so you always have something to do over the weekend.

A grid view, pictured here, is coming soon!


Put an end to spammers

Throttle will tell alert you to suspicious activity. So far, people that have used Throttle and found out:

  • When their email address was sold to thousands of spammers (resulted in over 6,000 emails)
  • When the sender had a data leak, and spammers stole the addresses (resulted in hundreds of emails)
  • When the sender had a software glitch that resulted in over 500 emails

What would have been a problem plaguing their inboxes for years to come could be solved with the click of one button: Throttle's Revoke Access.

Access Control

The control is finally in your hands

When you revoke a sender's access in Throttle, it shuts down the unique, Throttle-generated email address that was given to that sender.

This isn't blocking an email address. This means, with the click of one button, you instantly revoke access from anyone who got or ever will get your address from a specific sender.

Bought something at, and their sister sites & have been sending you coupons every day since? It happens more often than receivers realize. In Throttle, Simply revoking's access shuts down &'s access too. No need to go through all the unsubscribe forms.

Don't believe it? Give it a whirl. The feeling is powerful the first time you have to Revoke Access.

Public Sharing

Share emails with your friends

You can share received messages publicly on Facebook, Twitter, or anywhere else using the public URL, like Slack. Perfect for when you get a notice or promo that your friends and colleagues would want to see, too.

Browser Extension

Using throttle won't change your workflow

With the browser extension installed, when you want to sign up for anything online, all you have to do is hit the Throttle button automatically added to all email form fields.

It generates a Throttle address and fills it out in the email field. You keep your real address private, and your inbox clean.

Easily sign up on websites with Throttle-generated addresses.
Seamlessly login with Throttle-generated addresses.

Adds a generate button to all email form fields.

Adds a generate context menu action to all text boxes.

Autofills email form fields with previously generated addresses.

Exposes generated addresses for the current site.