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What is Catch-All?

Never generate an address again with Catch-All enabled on your custom domain.

Have you ever been checking out at a store and had the cashier ask for your email address? We doubt you can recite a generated Throttle address off the top of your head, so it would be cool if you could just make one up on the spot. Well with your custom domain, you can! Just say:

Or anything! As long as the domain of the email address is the domain you’ve set up with Throttle, you’ll get the email. After that, the email address is treated like any of your others; you can track stats, categorize, or revoke as needed.

Catch-All is super handy when you have to enter an email address at a kiosk, or on an Android device, or if you just want more custom, easy-to-remember addresses.

Note: Catch-All must first be enabled on your custom domain. To enable, go to the Settings page and click Custom Domain and find the checkbox.