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How to use custom domains

Your unique Throttle email addresses can use your own custom domain. Here’s how to set it up.

Custom domains are available to Throttle Pro users.

Using a custom domain with Throttle requires setting your MX records to point to our mail server and then updating your Throttle account settings to use the custom domain. 

1. Setting up your MX records

In the DNS settings for your domain create an MX record that resolves to: 

This record must be the highest priority (lowest number) mx record otherwise we will not be able to receive any mail to it. This number is typically 10. We recommend using a subdomain when creating this record so any current email addresses you have set up will not be interfered with.

Example MX 10

2. Setting up Throttle

In the account settings page there is a section for custom domains. If you do not see this section, please contact us to make sure you are a tester. In this section enter the domain you would like to use. Our system will automatically attempt to verify that the domain is correctly set up. If it is, any new generated addresses will use your custom domain. If it fails, our system will automatically attempt to verify it again once an hour and you will receive an email for us once it succeeds. At any time you may manually verify your domain by clicking the 'manually verify' button that appears when hovering over your domain.


Why would I use a custom domain?

Custom domains are a great way to increase control over the emails you receive. It also provides an easy way to continue receiving mail sent to addresses generated by Throttle should you decide to stop using Throttle (provided you set up your mail server to accept mail to these addresses). 

Will using a custom domain with Throttle interfere with my current email addresses?

We recommend using a subdomain that is not currently being used to receive emails. This way you can continue receiving emails to your existing email addresses. Any addresses generated by Throttle will use your subdomain. 

How do I update my current Throttle subscriptions to use my new custom domain?

At the moment only new subscriptions will use your custom domain. We are currently working on a solution to allow users to generate a new address for an existing subscription.