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How do I find a unique address for a site?

We try to design Throttle to ensure you’ll never need to worry about the unique addresses, but every now and then you might want it.

We want to make Throttle work so well that the random addresses are abstracted away from your concern — you wouldn't have to worry about or even understand the technical underpinnings to operate it effectively.

However, there are instances where you do need the generated addresses (like to log in).

There are five different ways you can accomplish this with Throttle, depending on your needs, to make the process as easy to use as possible.

  • The extension will attempt to automatically fill out log in forms with the generated email address. If it doesn't, which may happen for various reasons, use one of the following options.
  • Click the Throttle button in the email field of the login form (if there isn't one, just right click and hit "Authorize with Throttle"). This won't re-generate a new address, it will automatically use the address generated for that website's domain.
  • You can click the Throttle icon in your browser's menu bar, which will expose all the addresses generated at that website's domain.
  • In Access Control, you can click the icon next to any subscription you've authorized to copy the generated address to your clipboard, even if you’re on a device without the extension.
  • In the Reading List, when you open a message, you will see a line of text that says "To get the generated address this message was sent to, click here." All you have to do is click there. This also works even on a device without the extension.

Be sure to let us know of any new use cases you have here, so we can make sure to design the popular ones into the product to make it even easier to use!