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Getting Started

New to Throttle, or returning after a break? Brush up here to get to Inbox Zero!

Getting Started: The first 5 things to do — Five great ways to kick off your quest for inbox zero with Throttle

How to use Throttle on old subscriptions — How to convert old subscriptions and accounts to use Throttle

Why does Throttle use unique, generated addresses? — Get to know why Throttle works the way it does. Hint: It’s to give you unparalleled control over your email!

How does Throttle work? — New to Throttle and curious to learn more?

How to use a Throttle address to log in to an account — When you use a Throttle address as your login, there are some handy tricks to make logging in even easier

How do I find a unique address for a site? — We try to design Throttle to ensure you’ll never need to worry about the unique addresses, but every now and then you might want it.

Getting Advanced

You don’t have to be a pro to feel like one with these tips.

What if I don’t recognize a sender? — Leverage Throttle’s power by finding out how your address is getting used, and sometimes abused. Oh yeah - and shut spammers down.

What can I use custom daily and weekly digests for? — Some ideas to unlock powerful workflows with this pro feature

How to use custom domains — Your unique Throttle email addresses can use your own custom domain. Here’s how to set it up.

What is Catch-All? — Never generate an address again with Catch-All enabled on your custom domain.

How to send digests to different email addresses — Pro users can have different digests go to different addresses - letting you use Throttle for work and play on one account!

Troubleshooting Problems

Solutions for some of the most common errors and issues you might encounter

Installing the extension

Safari extension won’t install

Chrome extension won’t install

Generating unique addresses

When I click the Throttle button, it doesn’t do anything

Generating addresses doesn’t work, says not logged in

The Throttle button didn’t appear in a field


Reset forgot password — If you can’t login, here’s how to reset your password

I am stuck in onboarding and it wont let me proceed

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